SS Brotherhood of the Bell: The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology




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SS Brotherhood of the Bell

Copyright 2006

by Joseph P. Farrell

All Rights Reserved

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Joseph P. Farrell


Many people have made this book possible. I would like to thank first my friend Richard E Wood, BSC, for assistance and research he undertook at my request on the internet for certain items that appear here and, hopefully, will appear in a subsequent book. I am also profoundly grateful to Mr. Igor Witkowski for such quick and timely answers to my inquiries, and for allowing me to use some of the many photos that appear in his excellent book, The Truth About the Wunderwaffe. I would also like to thank him for first breaking the story of the Bell, which may be the most important story of suppressed science and technology in the 20th century. I hope that my own book will stimulate interest in Mr. Witkowski’s superb research in his The Truth About the Wunderwaffe.

I’d also like to thank Mr. Henry Stevens of the German Research Project and author of Hitler’s Flying Saucers, for loaning me a copy of the story recounted on pages 181 and 182 here. I believe that this story may be the first account of the Bell’s operation and test environs, and I am very grateful to Mr. Stevens for bringing it to my attention. Stevens, like Witkowski, has been a tireless researcher into the realm of exotic Nazi technology and more importantly has kept alive the Nazi origin of some UFOs through his voluminous research.

And as always, thanks to my publisher David Childress, especially for being there when it counted.

Finally and most importantly, thanks to my mother, who put up with me in her basement while I was writing this, during a difficult transition period in my life.

Table of Contents



Part One: The “Background”:

The “Race” to the Moon

Chapter 1: “In the Nick of Time”

A. “We Can Still Lose This War”

B. German Potential in Late 1944 Early 1945

1. Papers for Paperclip: Project Lusty

2. Death Beneath the Seas: The Extraordinary Capabilities of the Type XXI U-Boat

3. Death in the Air: The Sound Barrier Too?

4. Death on the Ground: Weapons of Mass Destruction in Use by the German Army on the Eastern Front in 1941

5. Beyond Nuclear and Thermonuclear Bombs: Indications of a New Physics

Chapter 2: “The Peenemünde Problem”

A. The U.S.A. Gets the Crème de la Crème

B. The U.S.S.R.’s Early Space Achievements

1. Booster and Lift Capabilities

2. The First ICBMs and the Characteristic Russian “Bundle” Rocket

C. What’s Wrong with This Picture?

D. The Real Origin of the Bundle Rocket: “Projekt Zossen”

E. SS Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler’s “Evacuation” of Peenemünde and the Russian Arrival

1. Strange Events at an “Empty” Site

2. The “Urals Incident”

F. Over-The-Horizon Radars and the Amerikaraket

1. The German “Proto-Transistor” and Television Miniaturization

2. The Problem of the Miniature German Klystron Tube: Roswell, the E.T. Myth and the Nazi Legend Revisited

3. Over the Horizon Radars

Chapter 3: “From Russia with Love”: The Two Space Programs Hypothesis

A. The Two Space Program Hypothesis

1. The Torbitt Document Version

2. The Hidden Planetary Geology, Climate, and Archaeology Versions:

a. The Absurdist Versions

b. A Scientifically and Politically Plausible Version: The Hoagland Version

3. The “Alternative Three” Version

4. Fantasia in the Desert: The William Lyne Version

a. Public Consumption versus Occulted Aether Physics

(1) Lyne’s History of Aether Physics

(2) Lyne’s Version of Tesla Physics

b. The National Security Act and Scientific Suppression

(1) Strange Nazi Parallels

c. The Nazi Role in Occulted Aether Physics

(1) Roswell, MJ-12, and Disinformation

(2) Von Braun’s Alleged Pre-War “P2” Project in New Mexico

Feet in Atlantis: The “Jan Van Helsing” Version

6. The
Dark Moon

B. Conclusions and Speculations

1. The Torbitt Version

2. The Hidden Planetary Geology, Climatology and Archaeology Version

3. Jim Keith’s
Casebook on Alternative Three

4. The William Lyne Version

5. The “Jan Van Helsing” Version

6. The
Dark Moon

7. Combining the Versions

8. Possible Entities and Requisites for Coordination

Part Two: The “Bell”:

Nazis and Occulted Physics

Chapter 4: “Das Laternenträgerprojekt”: The Bell and Igor Witkowski

A. Igor Witkowski on the Bell

1. The Significance of the Story of the Bell

2. An Obvious Question and a Not So Obvious Answer

3. The Personnel and a New SS Player on the Scene: The Forschugen, Entwicklungen, Patente

a. SS Obergruppenführer Emil Mazuw

b. Prof. Dr. Walther Gerlach

c. The Mysterious Dr Elizabeth Adler

d. Otto Ambros of Auschwitz “Buna” Factory Fame

e. Dr. Kurt Debus

(1) “

4. Dr. Hermann Oberth Takes a Trip with some Friends

B. The Operation of the Bell and Its Effects: Witkowski’s Reconstruction of the Bell

1. Where It All Happened

2. The History and CodeNames of the Project

3. The Last Flight of the Ju 390

4. The Design of the Bell and its Effects in Operation

5. Witkowski’s Reconstruction of its Possible Physics

6. A Story from the Neo-Nazi Fringe

7. Mercury Vortex Engines… Again

Chapter 5: “Working in Fields of Physics that were Monstrous on a Daily Basis”

A. Strange Claims and Quotations: Indicators of Wartime German Research in “Scalar” Weapons

1. The “Artificial Rubies” Passage from the Farm Hall Transcripts

2. The Farm Hall Transcripts’ Indications of a German Photochemical Process of Isotope Separation and Enrichment

3. Back to Roswell and the Majestic 12 Documents: Another Odd Corroboration of Possible Nazi Knowledge of Cold Fusion

4. A British Intelligence Agent’s Statement on the Monstrous Areas of Physics being Developed by the Kammlerstab

B. Bearden’s Reconstruction of the History of Scalar Physics

1. Bearden on the State of Electromagnetic, or Electrodynamic, Theory, and the Elements of Scalar, or Quantum Potential, Physics

a. Classical Electrodynamic Theory as a Perpetual Motion Machine

b. What the Soviets (And Nazis) Found on Their Scavenger Hunt: E.T. Whittaker’s Decomposition of Scalar Potentials into Bi-Directional Longitudinal Waves

2. Bearden’s Claims for “Scalar” Physics and its Weaponization

a. The Dangers of Scalar Resonance: Planet-Busting “Doomsday” Implications

b. The Scalar Template and Weapons Applications

3. The Implications of Bearden’s Reconstruction of the History of Scalar Physics

a. Back to “Freya” and “See-Elefant”: The German Over-The-Horizon Radars

b. An Odd Allied Intelligence Report Indicating the Nazi Operation of Scalar Weapons

4. Conclusions and a PostWar Scalar Postscript: the “Scalar Weapons” Nations and Germany

Chapter 6: “For Whom the Bell Tolls”: Scalar Physics, Zero Point Energy, and the Vorticular Aether: A Speculative Reconstruction of the Physics of the Bell

A. U.S. Declassified Patents from the Cold War and SDI

1. Enter the Mossbauer Effect

B. Plasmas, Rotation, Pulses, and Zero Point Energy

1. Plasmas and Transmutation

2. Four Mysteries and Ion Oscillation

3. Paul Brown’s Glow Plasma Oscillator

4. Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Self-Organization

5. Oscillation of Plasmas and ZPE Coherence

6. Gray’s Scalar Compression Tube

7. CounterRotating Electromagnetic Fields, ZPE Coherence, and Kontrabary

C. The Vorticular Mechanics of the Aether: The Theories of O.C. Hilgenberg and Carl F. Krafft

D. Back to Mercury Vortex Engines

E. Speculations: The Bell as a Scalar Physics Device

Chapter 7: “Gerlach’s New Alchemy:” The Mysterious Serum 525

A. An Article in the Evening Newspaper

B. Mercury Pyro-Antimonate, or Red Mercury (Mercury Antimony Oxide)

1. Codename DOVE

2. The .01 Kiloton Yield Pure Fusion Bomb: The Logic of Fusion Weapons Development

a. First Generation Weapons

(1) Radiological Weapons (“Dirty Bombs”)

(2) The Semi-Fission, or “Atomic Fizzle” Bomb

(3) The Pure Fission, or Atomic Bomb